Disabling Safari's Extra Languages

Appleis Safari Web browser offers lots of great features like tabbed browsing, pop-up window blocking, and built-in RSS support. Unfortunately, it can also perform sluggishly at times. One way to potentially give Safari a little speed boost is by disabling extra languages. Hereis how:

  • Quit Safari if it is running.
  • Select the Safari application icon by clicking it once. You can find Safari in your Applications folder.
  • Type Command-I, or choose File>Get Info in the Finder to display Safariis Info window.
  • Click the Languages disclosure triangle to display Safariis language list.
  • Uncheck any languages you donit use.

  • Speed up Safari by disabling unused languages.
  • Close Safariis Info window.
  • Relaunch Safari.

If you need to re-activate a language later on, clicking its checkbox will enable it again.

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