Disabling Spotlight's Keyboard Shortcut

Tigeris Spotlight search feature is great for locating documents even if you canit remember the file name. Spotlight isnit so great, however, if it keeps getting in your way. One problem that many Tiger users deal with is that Spotlightis Command-Space keyboard shortcut interferes with shortcuts in other applications. For example, in Adobe InDesign, Command-Space invokes the Zoom tool.

If you donit want to use a keyboard shortcut for Spotlight, itis easy to disable. Hereis how:

  • Launch System Preferences by choosing Apple menu > System Preferences.
  • Click the Spotlight icon.
  • Click the Search Results tab.
  • Uncheck Spotlight menu keyboard shortcut.

Turn off Spotlightis keyboard shortcut to avoid conflicts in other applications.

You can also use the Spotlight menu keyboard shortcut pop-up menu to choose a function key that invokes Spotlight, but I found that itis more convenient to simply disable its keyboard shortcut than to work around the list of applications it conflicts with. You can still hunt for documents with Spotlight by clicking the blue search icon in the menuu bar.

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