DiscBlaze 4.0 Now Shipping

Radical Breeze is shipping a new version of DiscBlaze, bringing it to version version 4.0. DiscBlaze is a utility designed for burning CDs and DVDs. The latest features expanded disk image burning and new MP3 CD type support. According to Radical Breeze:

Radical Breeze announced Tuesday the immediate release of DiscBlaze 4, a new version of their CD and DVD burning software. This new version adds several new enhancements including support for additional disc image formats, the ability to set a custom disc icon and an MP3 CD type.

Notable new additions in DiscBlaze 4.0:

  • Can now burn Nero (.nrg) disc images and create/burn .cdr images
  • Can now set a custom icon for any HFS+ (Mac) disc
  • Disc image creation and burning has been consolidated and made simpler
  • Creating disc images is now faster and provides better status when copying files
  • New MP3 CD disc type added. This format is, essentially, an ISO 9660 formatted CD
  • Can now re-scan for supported burners while DiscBlaze is running (no longer need to quit and re-launch DiscBlaze when a new burner is connected)
  • Status line at bottom of DiscBlaze window now displays the results of the last burn

You can find more information about the DiscBlaze release at the Radical Breeze Web site. The DiscBlaze 4.0 is available for US$19.00.