DiscBlaze Updated With Modified Interface And More

Radical Breeze has released an update for DiscBlaze, bringing it to version 3.2. DiscBlaze is a utility designed for burning CDs and DVDs. The update features interface mods and bug fixes According to Radical Breeze:

Radical Breeze today released a new version of DiscBlaze, their popular CD/DVD burning application.

DiscBlaze is an easy to use application for burning data to CDis and DVDis.

This update, free for all registered users, includes a new feature to aid in burning multiple copies of the same disc, the display of burning progress in the DiscBlaze dock icon along with other enhancements to speed and usability. In addition DiscBlaze now includes a PDF user manual to help users get burning as fast as possible.

Whatis new in DiscBlaze 3.2:

  • New interface for burning multiple copies of the same disc
  • Burning progress is now displayed in the DiscBlaze icon in the dock
  • The Burner Info sheet now displays more information about your particular buner (such as which types of discs can be burned)
  • DiscBlaze user interface is now more multi-threaded to make selecting Discs with lots of files in the list faster
  • Status text at the bottom of the DiscBlaze window will now allert you of possible problems with the current Disc you have selected in the list (such as files that may not exist anymore)
  • DiscBlaze now includes a user manual in PDF format
  • Fixed a possible crash on launch when a huge (and I mean really huge) number of discs with a huge number of files are in the Discs List

You can find more information about the DiscBlaze update at the Radical Breeze Web site. The DiscBlaze update is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$19.00.