DiscBlaze to add Tiger Support the Day the New OS Ships

Radical Breeze has announced that its versatile disc-burning utility DiscBlaze will add support for Mac OS X v10.4 "Tiger" with version 5, which will be released on April 29, the same day the new operating system ships. The company is mum on many of the details, but it did say that DiscBlaze 5.0 will include UDF support and greater disc image support, among other additions.

Company president Bryan Lund said in a statement that Radical Breeze is "betting the future on Tiger. Over the next two months, we will be revamping almost our entire product line to take advantage of Tiger-specific technologies. We will, of course, continue to support Mac OS X v10.3 as long as possible, but the really cool new features will be Tiger-specific."

The current version of DiscBlaze is 4.4, which boasts the ability to burn CDs and DVDs faster than the Mac OS Finder can, and in a variety of formats that include ISO 9660, Mac (HFS+), PC (Joliet) and MP3 CD. The basic version is free, but the Pro edition, which sells for US$29.95, includes the ability to burn Mac/PC hybrid discs, create disc images in ISO and DMG formats and more. Mac OS X v10.2.6 is required, although disc images can only be created in v10.3.