DiskLock Updated, Support For PowerBook G4 Added

Power On Software has updated their computer security software, DiskLock, to version 4.6.5. The new version supports all of Appleis latest hardware, including the wildly popular PowerBook G4 Titanium. DiskLock uses advanced encryption technology to black disk access from unwanted users. According to Power On Software:

Power On Software today announced that it has released an update to their software for the Macintosh. DiskLock (formerly Norton DiskLock) was acquired by Power On Software, Inc. from Symantec Corporation. DiskLock provides top-notch security, while offering extraordinary ease of use. The new release updates DiskLock to add support for additional Macintosh hardware, including the newest Apple iMac units, desktop machines, and Titanium PowerBook. DiskLock 4.6.5 supports Macintosh operating systems from version 7.0 through 9.1.

Unlike the limited protection built into the Mac OS, DiskLock affords the highest level of security. Rather than a mere password that can be easily defeated, DiskLock uses encryption technology that can instantly lock data to protect it from prying eyes. In contrast with other solutions, which can be easily circumvented, DiskLock can withstand even sophisticated efforts to unlock the secrets on usersi hard drives.

DiskLock allows multiple users to work on the same machine with total security for each useris sensitive data. Unlimited numbers of users, each with different levels of access, provides even greater flexibility. An administrator package that includes unique tools for centralized configuration and updating of Norton DiskLock on workstations connected to a network is also available.

Setting up DiskLock is much easier and faster than with other security programs. Instead of having to select each file, users can choose entire folders with a single click. And DiskLock is virtually impossible to bypass--it loads before the system software, so unauthorized users cannot start up the system, even from a floppy disk, CD, or other external device. File-protection settings prevent accidental or malicious deletion of data. Encryption and decryption is as easy as dragging and dropping the file or folder.

DiskLock is available for US$49.95. You can find more information at the Power On Software Web site.