Disney DVD Offers Enhanced Content for Mac

The Walt Disney Co. and InterActual announced Wednesday that the recent Disney DVD release of The Haunted Mansion from Buena Vista Home Entertainment is the first Disney DVD title to enable enhanced computer features for the Mac using InterActualis cross-platform technology.

Disney notes that The Haunted Mansion DVD lets viewers turn their digital photos into ghosts, take a virtual, 3D ride through the mysterious mansion, import images onto a Mac to create customized desktop themes, wallpaper and animated screensavers and more. The company says this is "the first time that a Hollywood title has delivered such a rich user experience to users of Appleis extremely popular Mac OS X operating system."

"We are pleased to partner with InterActual and Apple to bring the exciting DVD ROM bonus features of The Haunted Mansion to the millions of dedicated Mac users," Gordon Ho, senior vice-president of marketing for Buena Vista Home Entertainment, said in a prepared statement. "With InterActualis proven technology, we have provided maximum product value for our consumers. The Haunted Mansionis hours of bonus materials, including the Ghostly Effects Studio, the Mansion Tour and more, go far beyond the limitations of standard DVDs."

InterActual-enhanced titles enhance the DVD viewing experience with custom computer features such as personalized image morphing, 3D worlds, games and other enhanced media. In addition, InterActualis Mac compatibility allows Disney to offer Mac OS X users a richer, more interactive DVD experience as well as exclusive online features when viewing The Haunted Mansion.

"With Mac OS X, Apple has led the way in offering consumers a leading platform to easily create, edit and view compelling multimedia," said Ron Okamoto, Appleis vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations. "The additional bonus InterActual DVD ROM content in this release enables Mac OS X users to take their movie watching experience beyond the credits by interacting with the film."

The movie title was just released on video in the past few weeks.