Disney Tunes In iTunes, Apple Scores Exclusive Deal

You know that Disney has a record label, right? Examine most kidis music collection (age 7 and younger) and youill likely find sound tracks from Disney favorites like the Lion King, Little Mermaid, and Toy Story.

Apple and Disney have had a roller-coaster relationship over the years, though sometimes it seems like the ride has been mostly downhill. Earlier this year, Disney struck a deal with Microsoft to license Windows Digital Rights Management software, and most industry watchers know that there is little love lost between Appleis Steve Jobs, and Disneyis embattled CEO, Michael Eisner, who literally accused Apple of popularizing music piracy with its iRip, Mix, Burni ad campaign.

Steve Jobsi other company, Pixar, has also had a very strained relationship with Disney of late. Pixar has announced it will not renew its distribution deal with Disney, taking with it the source of the movies that have made the lionis share of Disneyis movie profits in the last several years. Steve Jobs has reportedly even let it be known that he would bring Pixar back to Disney if Disneyis board would oust CEO Michael Eisner.

Mr. Eisner has offered his own verbal taunts, (reportedly) having compared Mr. Jobsi extremist tendencies to those of a Shiite Muslim (a sect not particularly known for being "extremist," but thatis another issue).

So, it may be somewhat of a surprise to find that Disneyis entire record catalog can now be found on Apple iTunes Music Store (iTMS). The press release issues by the two companies stresses that this includes movie soundtracks to movies such as "The Lion King, Toy Story and Mary Poppins." More importantly, this online distribution deal is an Apple exclusive until September 30th.

Michael Eisner was not quoted in the press release, though two of Disneyis record executives were. From the press release:

We are proud to offer a way for customers to easily own the classic and contemporary Disney music they know and love," said David Agnew, executive vice president and general manager of the Buena Vista Music Group (BVMG), who oversees Walt Disney Records. "We chose to deliver our digital music catalog exclusively on iTunes because it is the leading global online music store."

"This is the next logical step in BVMGis continuing efforts to reach the music consumer directly," added Bob Cavallo, chairman of BVMG. "Weire happy to be in business with Apple.”

You can find the full press release at Appleis site.