Disposable Battery Power for Your iPod

LAS VEGAS, NV -- Compact Power Systems introduced Thursday a line of disposable batteries for iPods at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, NV. Cellboost for Apple iPod is based on the companyis line of disposable batteries for cell phones, and comes along with new disposable batteries for camcorders, Nintendois GameBoy Advanced, and Palm and BlackBerry devices.

"Battery power remains the Achilles heel of todayis portable hardware devices, and our Cellboost products have proven to be a practical answer for people whose cell phones die when they donit have access to a wall outlet or canit wait for a charging cycle," said Todd Ruhalter, President of Compact Power Systems, in a statement. "This extension of our product line brings those same benefits to a broad range of other mobile devices, ensuring that users can have power wherever and whenever they need it."

The company was not specific about how much time Cellboost for Apple iPod offers, but the companyis announcement said it will offer "several hours" of playback time.

The company is previewing all of the products at CES in booth 13614 in Central Hall. Pricing and availability have not been announced, and company spokespersons were not immediately available to provide us that information.

Information on the new products has not yet been added to the companyis Web site, but you can see how the original Cellboost products work.