Distant Suns Data Pack Released

VendorNation.com has released a Data Pack for Distant Suns. Distant Suns is a desktop astronomy app designed for amateur and backyard hobbyists. The Data Pack updates related information on new star and asteroid names. According to VendorNation.com:

VendorNation is proud to announce the expansion of our DistantSuns universe with this exciting new DS DataPack!

Distant Suns is the premier astronomy packages of all time and now, with the new DataPack release, your star gazing experience is just that much richer and up to date!

The DistantSuns Data Disk: 2004 Pack One is a collection of informational files and resources that build upon the initial data that comes with DistantSuns: Portable Universe. This collection of installers allow you to keep your DistantSuns CD up to date with the very latest events, star names, asteroids, and much more.

You can find more information about the Distant Suns Data Pack release at the VendorNation.com Web site. The update is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$14.99.