Divergent Media Announces ScopeBox for Digital Media Professionals

Divergent Media announced the immediate availability of ScopeBox on Wednesday. ScopeBox, according to Divergent Media, is "the first ever high-end suite of Mac-based image monitoring, capture, and analysis software for video production and post production. This unique solution replaces thousands of dollars of traditional hardware waveforms, vectorscopes, preview monitors and direct-to-disk recording tools."

"Across the industry, there is a wave of change from single use hardware solutions of the analog age to software-based solutions using standard personal computers. ScopeBox capitalizes on this trend by allowing shooters and editors to replace expensive hardware devices with a single low cost, flexible software application," said Divergent Media CEO Mike Woodworth.

ScopeBox is a Universal Application. A G5 or better is recommended. ScopeBox is available immediately in SD and HD versions offered at introductory prices, until January 15th, of US$299 and US$599 respectively.