DoThisNow Updated With New Actions

Radical Breeze has released an update for DoThisNow, bringing it to version 1.1.5. DoThisNow is a utility designed for running repetitive tasks. The update features new actions and bug fixes. According to Radical Breeze:

Radical Breeze (makers of DiscBlaze and Macabinet) announced today the release of DoThisNow 1.1.5. The latest version of DoThisNow (1.1.5) adds three of the top requested actions by our users.

With DoThisNow you can easily setup your computer to run repetitive, time critical or simply mundane tasks for you. You can setup an action to occur every minute, or only at a specific date and time. Itis all up to you!

Whatis new in DoThisNow 1.1:

  • New "Run Unix Command" action
  • New "Open URL in Web Browser action
  • New "Set iChat Status" action
  • A few fixes and tweaks to make things more user friendly and pleasant to look at

You can find more information about the DoThisNow update at the Radical Breeze Web site. The DoThisNow update is free for registered users, while the full version is available starting at US$19.00.