DockFun! Maintenance Release

John McDonnell has released an update for DockFun!, bringing it to version 1.1. DockFun! is an OS X dock utility designed for custom dock management. The update has performance enhancements including an Error 256 fix. According to John MacDonnell:

The Utility which gives you the ability to have up to 10 docks on your Mac.

Finally it solved the "Error 256" than made lots of Macs unable to test this utility, that we think can change the way of using Mac OS X... If you havenit try DockFun! yet, you couldnit choose a better day to test its power and the freedom that itill bring to your work!

whatis DockFun! ?

DockFun! lets you have up to10 different docks that you can choose with just a click. You can have a dock for internet applications, a dock for Utilities, etc.

Further more, every dock has itis own size position and properties, so you can have the dock of Internet on the right side of the screen so that makes more space to your browser window... but you can have also a useless dock with huge icons a great zoom effects for show to your friends how much MacOS X rocks!!!

You can find more information about the DockFun! update at the DockFun! Web site. DockFun! 1.1 is available as freeware.