Dominate The Stars With Your Mac: TheSky Update Released

Software Bisque has released an update for TheSky Astronomy Software, bringing it to version 5.0.6. TheSky is an astronomy app designed to be an all inclusive planetarium. TheSky boasts remote telescope control for many popular models of Celestron and Meade as well as in depth library of planetary motion paths and star charts. The update has many new features and bug fixes. According to Software Bisque:

TheSky Astronomy Software version 5.0.6 for Macintosh is now shipping. TheSky is an easy-to-use, full-featured, graphical astronomy program that turns your personal computer into a personal planetarium.

TheSky has long been considered the gold standard of astronomy software. Youill find it being used at star parties, in the classroom, in backyards around the world, and at many professional observatories. Now TheSky for Macintosh is even better. It supports more telescopes, and has some exciting new features!

Some of TheSky 5.0.6 Features:

  • Now TheSky for Macintosh can control your Celestron NexStar 5 or 8 telescope.
  • If the NexStar 5 or 8is aperture is not large enough for you, then you can move up to the Celestron NexStar 11 GPS. TheSky now supports all NexStar GPS models.
  • Meade has a complete line of Autostar telescopes. TheSky works with all of them!
  • TheSky for Mac now supports the SkySensor 2000 control system.
  • And TheSky works with the Losmandy Gemini control system.
  • TheSky is now compatible with Mac OS X "Classic" mode.
  • Weive tested TheSky with new Macintosh models to ensure a pleasing experience for customers who own the latest equipment.
  • All Macintoshes created in recent history have USB ports instead of serial ports, so how do you connect a serial telescope? Itis easy! Just purchase a USB-to-Serial adapter. Weive tested adapters built by KeySpan and Belkin.
  • Now you can display a slide show of your favorite pictures. You can change pictures at the click of a button, or at timed intervals.

You can find more information about TheSky update at the Software Bisque Web site. TheSky 5.0.6 is available starting at US$129.00.