Double Your DVI Cable Length

Gefen has released a new product that allows users to connect flat panel monitors or projectors more than six feet from the tower. The ex-tend-it DVI-Repeater can be used to send DVI signals up to 150 feet. According to Gefen:

For those who need to extend a DVI or ADC digital flat panel monitor or projector more than six feet from a PC or Macintosh computer, Gefenis ex-tend-it DVI-Repeater is the solution. The DVI-Repeater works by repeating the DVI signal and then transmitting it up to 150 feet using DVI cables. When used with the ex-tend-it DVI to ADC Conversion Box, any Apple digital monitor may be connected and extended from the computer. The DVI-Repeater may be customized with DVI cables to extend the digital monitor or projector either 50, 100 or 150 feet in length.

Upcoming DVI ex-tend-it products include the DVI-Hub, capable of extending two DVI signals up to 100 feet from the computer, the DVI-Switch, a cross-platform switch for accessing two DVI-equipped computers from the same digital monitor and the DVImate, an economic solution for converting male to male DVI cables to male to female for extension capability.

You can find more information about the DVI-Repeater at the Gefen Web site. The DVI-Repeater is available for US$399.00.