Double Your RAM, Cheap

Connectix has announced that they have slashed the price on their award winning system utility, RAM Doubler. RAM Doubler provides an easy way for users to get the most out of modern, memory hungry applications without having to add large amounts of physical RAM. According to Connectix:

Connectix RAM Doubler 9 is the cost-effective and hassle-free software solution that gives you more available RAM without having to open your computer. By optimizing the use of your physical RAM, you get better performance from your Mac. RAM Doubler 9 helps your Mac do more by avoiding memory problems. With RAM Doubler 9 you can run more applications at the same time and keep more files open simultaneously without worry.

BUY: Customers can purchase the RAM Doubler 9 through the Connectix online store ( It is widely available at retail stores, mail order catalogs, and online stores where Macintosh or Windows products are sold.

RAM Doubler is available for US$29. You can find more information at the Connectix web site.