Dr.Bott Shipping Cases For 12" iBooks

Dr. Bott is now shipping two new carrying cases for iBooks. The iCase12 and iCase12 Plus are designed for carrying the Apple 12" iBook. Both cases provide room for accessories and spare batteries, while the Plus version features a side bag for added storage capacity. According to Dr. Bott:

Dr. Bott ships iCase12 and iCase12 Plus, the ultimate carry case for iBook.

iCase12 offers unsurpassed safety in transporting Appleis 12" iBook. It takes all your computing on the go needs into account offering storage for AC power, spare battery, iPod, CDs and more.

The iCase12 Plus incorporates a carry strap and black side bag that provides room for important papers and extra hardware. iCase 12is Lift-O-matic feet and removable top allow for comfortable use of the iBook without removing it from the case.

You can find more information about the iCase12 and iCase12 Plus at the Dr. Bott Web site. The iCase is available for US$299.00, and the Plus version retails for US$419.00.