Dr. Bott Shipping New G5 Skateboard And Roof

Dr. Bott is now shipping two new products for G5 users, the G5 Skateboard and the G5 Roof. The G5 Skateboard is a platform with wheels designed for simplified tower movement and port accessing. The G5 Roof provides a flush top surface on the G5 tower for on-top storage. According to Dr. Bott:

Dr. Bott is now shipping G5 Skateboard and G5 Roof. The G5 Skateboard lets you move the G5 about as needed, adding only minimally to the overall height of the Power Macintosh. The G5 Roof offers valuable space that your desk is missing.

G5 Skateboard is all metal, right down to the four machine tooled wheels that glide the G5 smoothly back and forth to allow easier access to its side door or rear ports. The G5 Skateboard attaches to the bottom of the G5, allowing you to wheel your G5 around the office or classroom with next to no effort.

G5 Skateboard is a perfect fit for the G5 as it maintains that same elegant look and feel of the Power Macintosh. The G5 Skateboard also is a true Mac product, being trivial to use and easy to install - a screwdriver is all that is needed. In the unlikely case that you want to remove the G5 skateboard, you can do so without leaving a trace on your Power Mac G5!

G5 Roof is equally well-made and is the perfect topping to your G5. The G5 Roof allows for more storage on the top of your G5, perfect for external hard drives or that messy office where papers are scattered on the floor. Again, installation is simple: lay the G5 Roof on top and the fit is nice and snug.

You can find more information about G5 Roof and Skateboard at the Dr. Bott Web site. The G5 Roof is available for US$74.95, and the G5 Skateboard is available for US$129.95.