Dr. Bott & TEN Technology Bring Wireless Remote To The iPod

When the second generation of iPod was released last year, Apple began including a wired remote with the 10GB and 20GB models. But what if you want to control your stereo-connected iPod from across the room? Well, this is where the new naviPod from TEN Technology comes in. The naviPod, sold through Dr. Bottis distribution partners, is an attractive stand and wireless receiver combined into one device. You can then connect the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd generation iPod to a stereo or any other device with the built-in audio passthrough port. From Dr. Bott:

naviPod is the first wireless remote for the iPod consisting of a receiver that plugs into the top of the iPod and a 5-button infrared remote control that produces the same functions as the Apple iPod wired remote.

"naviPod is all about accessing your music how and where you want it." said Eric Prentice, CEO of Dr. Bott LLC, "This product is innovative, elegant, and intuitive. It is always a pleasure to bring a great product like NaviPod to market!"

"naviPod is really going to foster a change in the idea of stereo systems. With the naviPod and a pair of speakers, the iPod becomes a true alternative to the conventional stereo system," said John Lin, CEO and founder of TEN Technology.

naviPod was specifically designed to allow the Apple iPod user to control audio functions from across the room. Just plug in a pair of self-powered speakers, or connect to a stereo receiver/amplifier, and the iPod becomes the centerpiece of a digital entertainment system. Play/Pause, Next, Previous and Volume, are all right at your fingertips.

There is a model of the naviPod for both the original and current iPod designs. Dr. Bott is accepting pre-orders of the device now, at a price of US$49.95 each.