Dr. Bott To Offer Monsoon Line Of Speakers

Dr. Bott has announced that they will now be carrying the line of Monsoon speakers. Songisticis Monsoon speakers provide superior styling along with impressive sound performance. According to Dr. Bott:

Dr. Bott LLC today announced a distribution agreement for the Sonigistix flat panel speakers including a $30 rebate through December.

"When I saw the Monsoon flat panel speakers I knew I had to hear them. When I heard them I knew they were a great product for Dr. Bott to carry." said Nathan Heath, Webmaster at Dr. Bott LLC. "They are the ultimate combination of form and function. They are the best Iive heard for listening to MP3s during office hours (and for the thunder of rocket launchers and machine guns after hours ;-)."

Dr. Bott LLC is offering Sonigistix flat panel speaker line to their resellers including the powerful MM-1000, the iMac styled iM-700 and the affordable MH-500. Sonigistix is also offering a $20 or $30 mail in rebate through December to make them the perfect Christmas gift.

You can find more information about the Monsoon speakers, and Dr. Bottis special offer, at the Dr. Bott web site. Also, check back for The Mac Observeris complete review of the Monsoon iM-700 speakers to be posted in the coming weeks.