Dr. Bott Updates iPod Auto Charger And Connection Kits

Dr. Bott is now shipping an new Auto Charger and a Connection Kit for the Apple iPod. The Auto Charger connects your iPod to a car cigarette lighter through the firewire port for battery recharging. The Connection Kit provides connectivity for iPod to practically anything. The new kits offer white cords for connections. According to Dr. Bott:

Dr. Bott updates iPod Auto Charger, iPod Connection Kits with white and coiled cord.

Dr. Bottis iPod Auto Charger allows you to always arrive with your iPod fully charged via the 12 volt DC socket available in automobiles and other places. Dr. Bottis iPod Auto Charger is available separately and as a part of their iPod Connection Kits.

You can find more information about the iPod Kits at the Dr. Bott Web site. The Auto Charger is available for US$24.95, and the Connection Kit is available for US$49.95.