Dr. Bott's DVIator Bring ADC To The Masses

Dr. Bott has announced that their new ADC to DVI converter, the DVIator, is now shipping. The DVIator allows users of older PowerMacs to take advantage of Appleis latest ADC based displays. The Apple Display Connector (ADC) technology allows displays to carry power, USB connectivity, and the digital signal in one plug. While this is convenient, it is only compatible with the most recent round of PowerMacs. The new connector allows those with older machines to easily use Appleis new displays. According to Dr. Bott:

Whether connecting two ADC displays to your new G4 or using an ADC display on an older Mac, Dr. Bottis DVIator for ADC is the perfect solution.

DVIator (pronounced "deviator") allows the use of ADC displays through industry standard DVI video.

"Weire excited about the options and solutions the DVIator has given those with Apple flat-panel displays," said Eric Prentice, CEO of Dr. Bott LLC, "Video and audio editing pros are now able to use Apple displays for their editing rigs that include three to six displays. Dual flat-panel displays enable those who need matched screens for color consistency. Weive also seen many people with older Macs able to upgrade to a new Cinema display because they donit have to buy both a new G4 and the new display at the same time. The Apple displays are amazing, weire delighted to play a part in helping more people use them."

DVIator combines DVI video, USB and external power to drive Appleis ADC 15" and 22" displays without any loss in quality or functionality. It is compatible with all G4 Power Macs with built-in DVI video and older Macs that have a compatible DVI video card installed. Dr. Bottis internal testing included Beige Macs all the way down to the 7200.

The DVIator is available for US$149.95. You can find more information at the Dr. Bott Web site.