Dr. Mac Tips Us Off On How To Listen To An iPod Through Your Car Stereo

We got a tip from Bob "Dr. Mac" LeVitus offering an easy solution for playing an iPod through your car stereo. Heis calling his solution "Dr. Macis Revolutionary iPod Car Audio Adapter," and it is probably going to make a lot of iPod owners happy. From Dr. Mac:

Dr. Macis Revolutionary iPod Car Audio Adapter
Ever thought, "Wouldnit it be wonderful to play tunes from my iPod on my car stereo?" Well think no more -- now you can! All you need is one of Dr. Macis Revolutionary iPod Car Audio Adapter (DMRICAA™), a cassette player in your car, and a few bucks.

"Dr. Macis Revolutionary iPod Car Audio Adapter has made my car music listening experience a whole new ball of wax," said Thomas Stafford, a DMRICAA enthusiast. "Well, it would if I had an iPod yet. And a car." He added "when I do get a car, and an iPod, I will certainly enjoy the soothing strains of iPod powered music through my caris sound system!"

"DMRICAA is among the easiest and least expensive iPod add-ons on the market," said Bob iDr. Maci LeVitus, Chairman and CEO of Dr. Mac Industries, "and one that is sure to change the way you think about listening to music in your car."

Now how much would you pay for this amazing wonder? $400? $100? $50?

Would you believe just $19.99?


Go to your local Radio Shack store and say, "Iid like one of those Dr. Macis Revolutionary iPod Car Audio Adapter thingies." When the clerk looks at you like youire nuts, look him (or her) right back in the eye and say: "Iim sorry. What I meant was a Radio Shack CD-to-Cassette Adapter, part number 40293 13479." Hand over your $21 and change and in 2 minutes youill be enjoying Car iPod.

The way this works is the CD-to-Cassette Adapter plugs into the headphone jack of your iPod, and the adapter itself goes into your cassette player, just as if you were trying to play a portable CD player through an adapter. We also wanted to emphasize that you MUST have a cassette player in your car in order for this tip to work.

We asked Bob about the sound quality of this solution, and he told us "while there is a bit of hiss and a very little bit of alternator whine, itis really about as good as a cassette and not much worse than a CD. For $20, you canit go wrong." He also told us that while audiophiles might notice these issues, the rest of us probably wonit.

Bob also reminded us that he is still soliciting advanced Mac OS X tips for the "What Other Power Users Think You Should Know" chapter of his upcoming book Dr. Mac: The OS X Files, (a.k.a. How to Become a Mac OS X Power User). He has gotten many submissions, but the contest is open until Monday, November 26th at midnight. If he uses your submission, you get a free copy of the book and your name in print. You can get all the details at his Web site.

Thanks to Bob LeVitus for passing this tip on to us.