DragThing 5.3 Update Offers Host Of New Features

TLA Systems has announced the release of DragThing 5.3, an update to the long-running Mac dock utility. DragThing gives users a separate and highly customizable dock on their desktop, and the update brings a host of new features. From TLA Systems:

Whatis new in DragThing 5.3:

  • This release adds the number one user requested feature - displaying the number of unread messages on the dock icon for Appleis Mail application. It also adds the same functionality for Entourage, Eudora, Mailsmith, NetNewsWire, and PowerMail.
  • DragThingis contextual menus can also now display application specific commands such as "Play / Pause" for iTunes, and "Get New Mail" for all the mail applications listed above. Other commands can be easily added using AppleScript.
  • Clipping support has been improved, including display of styled text, and commands to convert clippings into plain text, and turn clippings into URL items and vice versa.
  • Also new is "instant gratification" purchasing from Kagi. You can now securely pay using a credit card without leaving DragThing, and get your registration details downloaded directly into the application.
  • Weive also introduced discussion forums on dragthing.com - if you want to get help, suggest a feature, report a bug, or just chat to other DragThing users, head on over to the DragThing forums.
  • Over a dozen other new features suggested by DragThing users.

The update is free to registered users of DragThing 5. Upgrades from previous versions is priced at US$12, and the full price is US$29. You can find more information on DragThing at the productis Web site.