DragThing Update released

TLA Systems has released an update for itis dock app, DragThing. The new version, 4.2, has new features as well as technical enhancements and bug fixes. According to TLA Sysytems:

TLA Systems is pleased to announce the immediate release of DragThing 4.2, an update to their popular dock application for Mac OS X and earlier. DragThing is a Carbon application which runs natively on Mac OS X, and on Mac OS 8.6 and 9 with CarbonLib 1.1 or later installed.

Major new features in this version include:

  • DragThing uses the native Quartz graphics of Mac OS 10.1 for an improved Aqua appearance, including an option for translucent docks, and anti-aliased icons
  • You can put the Trash back on the Desktop where it belongs on Mac OS 10.1, using DragThingis new "Desktop Trash Technology"
  • You can bring all the windows of an application to the front automatically when you switch to it, or by using a hot key
  • Improved hierarchical contents menus for folders, including support for aliases
  • Greater control over how dock items are located, using a combination of aliases and full paths
  • Support for "Super Get Info" by Bare Bones Software, a useful utility that allows multiple "Get Info" windows on Mac OS X

You can find more information about DragThing at the TLS Systems Web site. The upgrade is free for existing registered users, US$10.00 for previous versions, and US$25 for new users