Drag Thing 5.0 Now Shipping

TLA Systems has released a new version of DragThing, bringing it to version 5.0. DragThing is a dock utility designed for dock extension management. The latest release features several enhancements including Panther support and improved hotspot. According to TLA Systems:

TLA Systems is pleased to announce the immediate availability of DragThing 5.0, the twenty-ninth release of their popular dock application for Mac OS.

New features in DragThing 5 include:

  • Full support for Mac OS X 10.3 aka "Panther"
  • Many Panther only features including the new "Window Dock" which can display a list of all open windows, just minimised windows, or the windows of the frontmost application
  • Much improved Quartz based visuals, including optional "Metal" docks and several new anti-aliased tab styles
  • You can individually specify which application opens a particular document or URL item, so that, for example, one URL can open in Safari, another in Internet Explorer
  • You can display previews of image files in the folder and item contextual menus
  • Rewritten hotspot support with multiple hotspots and actions such as bringing DragThing to the front, hiding, showing, and minimising docks
  • You can set layers to be arranged automatically when you add or remove items, and you can keep them arranged by the items you use most often
  • Optional sounds effects for actions like inserting and ejecting disks, emptying the Trash, and many more
  • DragThing is now a single-icon drag install
  • Now includes a Quick Start Guide to introduce new users to DragThing

You can find more information about the latest DragThing relase at the TLA Systems Web site. DragThing 5.0 is free for 4.x users since September 30th, while the full version is available for US$25.00.