Drexel to Outfit Education Grad Students with iPods

Drexel University will be providing iPod photos free of charge to graduate students in its School of Education, The Daily Pennsylvanian reported Friday.

The Philadelphia, PA university arrived at the decision after analyzing the benefits and pitfalls of Duke Universityis iPod program, which gave 1,650 freshmen iPods. Drexelis iPod program will be significantly smaller, however. Depending on how many students the School of Education accepts, between 30 and 50 iPod photos will be distributed.

"This is a very focused, school-based, curriculum-centered initiative, as opposed to a school-wide initiative," Drexelis School of Education Director William Lynch said. "A focus for us is on bringing technology to [solve] human problems and... increasing human understanding through the use of technology."

Additional details on Drexelis iPod initative can be found in this Chronicle of Higher Education story.

Duke University will decide whether to renew its iPod program later this month. The school has had mixed experiences with incorporating the iPod into its curriculum.