Drink Milk And Bet The Farm At The Tiger's Eye Pub

KB Productions has released a new game for the Mac, Tigeris Eye Pub 1.0. Tigeris Eye Pub is a virtual bar filled with gamblers and bartenders, and features several different games of luck. The characters and bartender are interactive, and digital libations are available. According to KB Productions:

If youive ever wanted to step into a bar but didnit have the age or the money to enjoy yourself, your worries are over. The first casino gambling game built natively for Mac OS X and 7 through 9, Tigeris Eye Pub, is ready to download and play!

Tigeris Eye Pub is a casino gambling game. Inside this small bar are blackjack tables, roulette wheels, and video poker machines. Right now, in its initial, 1.0 release, this pub is very empty; there are no customers, just the bartender and the few people who head up the gaming tables. The barkeep himself will keep you plenty busy, though.

The pub has a bartender that serves up drinks and actually converses with the player. Order a beer, order a martini, or even order a milk, he has it. After getting your drink, sit down at one of the tables and nurse your beverage while you try to make a fortune at the gaming tables. If you lose your shirt, beg the bartend for some coinage and he may scrape the penny tray for your benefit.

You can find more information about the Tigeris Eye Pub release at the KB Productions Web site. Tigeris Eye Pub is available for US$10.00.