DropTeam Adds Infantry; WW II Expansion Planned

Battlefront has issued a 1.1 patch to its real-time tactical combat game DropTeam, adding the ability to use infantry units. Players can choose from three types of squads that come equipped with jump packs and an assortment of beam, rifled, and heavy weapons.

DropTeam takes place in the distant future, where humanity fights over a wide variety of planets, from Earth-like worlds to desolate globes. Drop ships deliver vehicles, sensors, mines, automated turrets and other assets to each planetis surface, where they battle against the other playersi militaries for dominance. The game features realistic physics and ballistics systems as well as true line-of-sight when determining whether or not a vehicle can fire on a target.

Battlefront has also announced plans to create a World War II expansion pack, taking the same gameplay from the distant future to the not-so-distant past. In addition to featuring 1940s-themed versions of the existing vehicles and troops in the current game, it will also offer buildings that can be occupied and destroyed, the ability to bail out damaged vehicles, air attacks, reinforcement zones, and other features. It will be set during the Normandy invasion that took place in June 1944, but Battlefront promises to add more theaters of combat to the game.

Finally, Battlefront said that it has dropped the price of DropTeam to US$35. Mac OS X v10.4.5, 512MB RAM, 64MB Video RAM, and a 1.2GHz G4 processor are required.