Dvorak: AMD's Lawsuit Against Intel is 'Marketing Genius'

Columnist John Dvorak opines in his latest column that AMDis antitrust complaint against Intel, which was announced yesterday, was "written more like a novel or even as a surprisingly well-written PR release." Mr. Dvorak says that getting stories of Intelis anti-competitive practices told in the 48-page complaint "is marketing genius."

He notes that AMD has made the complaint available for download from its Web site and thinks the company will "start a marketing campaign with full-page advertising in major market newspapers encouraging the public to download the document and read it." And if the case survives the discovery process, which he believes could take a year or two at least, and gets in front of a jury, "it could possibly become the most entertaining and fun antitrust case ever witnessed by the American public."

Mr. Dvorak has also noticed how soon the suit was filed after Appleis announcement that it will move to Intelis x86 chips starting next year, but AMD, he says, claims "its doing it now because itis making some profit and can afford the [legal] process."

You can read the rest on the MarketWatch Web site.