Dynamic Web Sites Easier With Beta

OS X Beta has now made its way to many Mac users who want to open it up and stretch its legs. One of the great features of Beta is that it is running a full-blown version of the Apache web server. Apache is arguably the most popular server application today, and provides users many options and opportunities to create and host feature-rich web sites.

One way users can do that is by using JSP, a popular "plug-in" for Apache that allows dynamic content to easily be added and edited. Beta users now have a JSP resource available, the Mac JSP Database. The site provides all the information users of Beta need to start creating JSP enabled web sites. According to the Mac JSP Database:

I wanted you to be made aware of the new site we have developed out of our need and want to serve JSP pages on Mac os X beta.

Itis called the "Mac JSP database" site and its goal is to create an easy to understand "how-to" for installing Java Server Pages and the databases and other web tools required to run it.

People are starting to receive the X beta disc in the mail, more and more of them are going to discover UNIX can be tricky. Existing how-tos donit exactly match the X betais naming scheme. We need a solution geared towards mac users.

What is it?
A web site, whose goal is to create an easy to understand "how-to" for installing JSP on the X beta.

Who are we?
Long time mac users that, now with X beta, have the industrial strength tools needed to create industrial strength web servers on the Mac.

You can find more information at the Mac JSP Database web site.