E-Mail Client Magellan Gets An Update

MAKI Enterprise Inc. has released an update for the e-mail client Magellan, bringing it to version 2.0.3. The new version has seperate apps for both Classic and Mac OS X, as well as some bug fixes. According to MAKI Enterprise:

MAKI Enterprise Inc. releases new version of e-mail client software Magellan. Magellan 2.0.3 includes two applications; for MacOS classic and MacOS X. Magellan is still the fastest email client on MacOS X environment.

Magellan 2.0.3 release is minor update for 2.0, but it includes some important bug fixes.

Magellan 2.0.3 changes:

  • SMTP authentication was implemented---send mail from anywhere via mac.com.
  • A part of Mail processing by AppleScript was implemented---send mail droplet and Filemaker template are included.
  • Improvement in the speed of View cache.
  • Task management are changed. (Only the MacOS X version)
  • Supporting MacOS 9.2.1
  • Add more MIME type
  • English, Japanese, Korean, French and Swedish version available.
  • Bug fixes both classic and OS X version.

You can find more information about the Magellan update at the MAKI Enterprise Web site. Megellan is available for US$50.00.