EarJams for Your iPod Earbuds, PodPod for the Car

Griffin Technology has quietly released two new products for the iPod, EarJams and the PodPod. Griffin EarJams are attachments for the earbuds that ship with all iPods, while the PodPod is an iPod carrier designed to fit in your caris cupholder.

The description of EarJams from Griffin:

EarJams snap onto your existing iPod Earbuds and:

  • Deliver massive bass and improved sound
  • Enhance the comfort and fit of your iPod earbuds
  • Raises your earbud volume by up to 10 decibels
  • Includes multiple size ear pads and carrying case

The white iPod earbuds have become the symbol of the iPod revolution. They tell the world that you possess the coolest MP3 player in the world. Griffinis EarJams let you keep on using your iPodis earbuds while giving you the quality that comes from in-ear style headphones. You wonit believe how good your eabuds can sound until you try EarJams.

EarJams easily snap onto your Apple earbuds. Each set of EarJams comes with three sizes of earpads to give you a snug and comfortable fit. In fact with the EarJams sitting comfortably in your ear, you hear more of your music and less outside noise than you ever did with your earbuds alone.

Earpads are washable and removeable, and did we mention comfortable? Once you use EarJams, your earbuds will never be naked again.

Griffin has priced EarJams at US$14.99, and the companyis estimated ship date is October 6th. You can find more information on EarJams at Griffinis Web site.

Griffinis description for the PodPod:

Put your iPod in the lap of luxury. Your cup holder is a great place for your iPod on the road, but it can still slide around, fall out, and even be scratched. And trying to use a charging cable really complicates things.

Enter the PodPod. The PodPod holds your iPod or iPod mini at an easy-to-see angle. The material wonit scratch the iPodis surface, and while we havenit rolled any cars, we know that your iPod isnit likely to fall out. The PodPod also leaves room on the inside for a docking cable, and provides a place for the cable to run without disturbing your iPodis new found peace.

The Griffin PodPod is the best seat in the car for your iPod or iPod mini. Even your wallet will thank you.

Griffin has priced the PodPod at US$9.99, and the estimated ship date is October 13th. You can find more information on the PodPod at Griffinis Web site.