EarthDesk Desktop Updated With Minor Mods

Trygve Inda has released an update for EarthDesk, bringing it to version 2.0.4. EarthDesk is a rotating desktop map that ships with several features including city light display at night and an expandable atlas. The update features minor performance enhancements. According to Trygve Inda:

Trygve Inda, developer of the premiere world time and mapping tool, Time Palette, announces the availability of EarthDesk 2.0.4.

EarthDesk replaces your static desktop picture with an animated, real-time rendered image of the Earth, continuously updating in the background while you work. The software supports eleven different map projections, political and satellite views, and renders accurate sun, moon and city lighting.

This second generation release offers vastly improved performance and efficiency with preemptive multitasking, higher quality maps and full multi-display support.

The new version better supports situations where the user has chosen to leave the Earth image on the desktop when quitting EarthDesk. These stale images will now be deleted and replaced with current images the next time the application is launched.

You can find more information about the EarthDesk update the Time Palette Web site. The EarthDesk 2.0.4 update is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$19.95.