EarthLink Releases TotalAccess 2005 For Mac

EarthLink announced Monday a new version of its Internet access software with a phisher site blocking application and an RSS feed reader.

TotalAccess 2005 for Macintosh, includes ScamBlocker, which blocks users from accessing known or suspected phisher sites and redirects them to an EarthLink generated Web page that provides additional information about phishers and similar online scams, and what actions subscribers can take to further protect themselves from online fraud.

The new RSS-enabled news reader deploys a real-time Web content feed through both an application window and as a ticker that runs along the EarthLink Task Panel. TotalAccess 2005 for the Mac also has an enhanced and innovative synchronization tool that enables multiple EarthLink profiles to combine the address books of friends and family into a single address book. The new address book features also work in conjunction with Appleis iSync synchronizing software, allowing the newest entries to easily upload from a useris desktop to other Macs, cell phones, iPods or PDAs.

Other feature upgrades include a new, modularized EarthLink Task Panel that includes icons that enables subscribers to choose which modules, such as their Protection, Email or Web icons, they want to display or hide. Additional EarthLink Accelerator enhancements improve performance for Apple Safari users.

The new software is available now at