Earth Flix Offers Hi Def Videos, New Series

Earth Flix Inc., formerly known as, has been renewed; the? website now features more high definition videos, new video features, and is starting an Earth Flix exclusive series called California P.I.

Earth Flix President, Bob Franco says, ?We?re posting hi def videos as demos. Most will be in? half size 960 X 540. We?ve found that even older computers can play this size.?? There is also a full size 1920 X 1080 demo movie that requires a fairly new high end machine and wide screen monitor.?

? is committed to putting up all of its newer videos in high definition.? We have a? new private eye series made just for the web called California P.I. premiering on February 14th also in high definition,?? says Franco.? The California P.I. preview is on now in high def and standard def sizes.

The videos at Earth Flix are free to download and enjoy, and the preview to California P.I. can be found in the iTunesMusic Store. Visit the Earth Flix website for more information.?