Easily Configure OS X's Included Firewall

Brian Hill has released a utility providing an easily accessible and understood GUI for configuring OS X Betais built-in Firewall. BrickHouse 1.0b2 provides even novice users with the necessary tools for protecting their computer when attached to "always on" network configurations. According to Mr. Hill:

Whatis new in this version: Update fixes configuration issue with restricting the outgoing traffic in computer lab setups, and a cosmetic issue with re-sizing the Monitor window. Also fixed application crasher while monitoring the firewall when logged into the computer as the root user.

Product Description:
BrickHouse is designed to make using the network firewall built in to Mac OS X quick and easy. By using BrickHouse to enable your computeris firewall, you can help prevent unauthorized villians from gaining access to your computer via your internet connection.

BrickHouse also helps you use your firewall to guard against denial of service or resource-based internet attacks. Network attacks will bounce off the firewall to prevent your computer from slowing down or crashing.

BrickHouse is available for free. You can find more information at the BrickHouse web site.