Easily Print Data From Any Source

MacEase has updated their multipurpose printing utility, WebPrint Plus, to version 4.0. WebPrint Plus allows users to easily select and print data from nearly any source, including the Web and Internet. The new version includes a variety of new features, including an improved interface. According to MacEase:

Iim pleased to announce the release of WebPrint Plus 4.0. WebPrint Plus is an extremely easy-to-use and very highly rated Mac-only utility that provides users with an easy, fast, and flexible way to gather, save, and print information from almost anywhere -- including both the Internet and programs users normally canit print from!

WebPrint Plus eliminates most problems users experience when printing from their web browsers, accelerates printing, saves users money by significantly reducing the amount of ink/toner and paper they use when printing, and provides users with powerful options when gathering, saving, and printing information that are not available elsewhere!

WebPrint Plus works in most programs and is especially useful when dealing with the large amount of information that is available while working with AOL, web browsers, and email clients.

WebPrint Plus allows users to select and save, edit, index, or print just the part of the document thatis needed -- anything from a single character to multiple pages may be selected. Even non-contiguous selections from within a document/web page or across multiple sources/web pages may be combined so they are grouped together. Further, this can be done on the fly and without having to launch a separate program since WebPrint Plus is always available to the user.

Additionally, WebPrint Plus provides users with many other on-the-fly options to help organize and work with the collected data, such as time and date stamping it, annotating it, and indexing it -- this applies to both saved and printed information!

WebPrint Plus is available for US$29.95. You can find more information at the MacEase Web site.