Easy Access AppleScripts

Mac OS X, like many versions of Appleis operating system that came before it, includes AppleScript: The relatively easy to use programming language that can automate nearly anything you do on your Mac. Not everyone has time to jump right in and learn AppleScript, so Apple included several pre-built scripts to help you out.

The Script menu hides all kinds of automated treasures.

Apple also provides you with a menu bar item so that you donit have to go digging to find the collection of scripts. All you have to do is activate it. Hereis how:

  • Launch AppleScript Utility. Itis in Applications>AppleScript>AppleScript Utility.
  • Check Show Script Menu in menu bar.
The Script menu holds scripts that can trim down long file names, create new Mail messages, convert a document to PDF, and more. Scripts are grouped by type in folders so that they are easier to find.

Use AppleScript Utility to activate the Script menu.

If you decide you arenit going to use the Script menu, or need to free up some menu bar space, Command-drag the script icon out of your menu bar. The Command-drag trick works with any standard menu item icon, too.

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