Easy Barcode Creator Updated With Compact EPS Output

Easy Barcode Technologies has released an update for Easy Barcode Creator, bringing it to version 1.8. Easy Barcode Creator is a utility designed for creating barcode graphics. The update features several enhancements including smaller EPS output and improved ITF-14 barcode support. According to Easy Barcode Technologies:

Easy Barcode Technologies has released Easy Barcode Creator 1.8, a new update to its easy-to-use vector barcode generation product for Mac OS X.

Easy Barcode Creator allows users to create ready-to-print barcode graphics in vector EPS format for use with software like Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop. From a single window, users can find and select the kind of barcode they need to make, answer a few simple questions, and move the barcode directly to their desktop publishing document.

Easy Barcode Creator 1.8 adds:

  • Use an Easy Barcode Reader (USB 1.0/2.0, available at easybarcodetech.com) to scan an existing barcode directly into Easy Barcode Creator
  • barcode output as EPS can be up to 50% smaller, now with optimized PostScript command output
  • PostScript® font name matching outputs the PostScript name of all human-readable fonts for easy matching with EPS editors such as Adobe Illustrator (our recommended program)
  • ITF-14 barcodes are now correctly displayed in the preview area while setting barcode generation options

You can find more information about the Easy Barcode Creator update at the Easy Barcode Technologies Web site. Easy Barcode Creator is available for US$128.00.