Easy Barcode Technologies Shipping New Barcode Scanner Pen

Easy Barcode Technologies is now shipping the Easy Barcode Pen. The Barcode Pen is a pen-like USB device designed for scanning and reading barcodes. The Pen ships driverless with direct plug-and-play support. According to Easy Barcode Technologies:

Easy Barcode Technologies, a company dedicated to creating innovative, user-friendly barcode solutions, today introduced the Easy Barcode Pen, a pen-shapped scanner designed to read barcodes into any desktop application, including FileMaker Pro, QuickBooks, and Microsoft Excel.

The Easy Barcode Pen features instant, driverless, plug-and-play operation with any USB-based Macintosh or Windows computer, and offers advanced customization options with the included setup booklet.

The Easy Barcode Pen offers flexible scanning capabilities and advanced customization tools designed to meet the standards imposed by home, corporate, and government users. Unlike a scanning "gun", the Easy Barcode Pen is physically small and easy to hold, allowing for efficient scanning into any program by simply "highlighting" the barcode with the tip of the pen. A single cable connects the device to a USB 1.1 or 2.0 port (backward compatible for use on either), where the Barcode Pen receives power and transmits barcodes to the frontmost program like a USB keyboard.

You can find more information about the Easy Barcode Pen release at the Easy Barcode Technologies Web site. The Easy Barcode Pen is available for US$256.00.