Easy Beat MIDI Sequencer Version 2.0 Now Shipping

ergonis software has released a new version of Easy Beat, bringing it to version 2.0. Easy Beat is a MIDI sequencer utility designed for custom music creation. The latest release features up to 16 tracks and 128 instruments. According to ergonis software:

ergonis software today announced that another piece of itis macility software collection - the popular MIDI sequencer software easy beat - has been released today in version 2.0. Starting with version 2.0 easy beat runs on (and requires) Mac OS X.

easy beat is the MIDI sequencer software for all who neither want to spend the money to purchase nor the time to climb the steep learning curve of other, huge and complicated sequencer tools.

easy beat features:

  • up to 16 tracks plus a metronome track
  • 128 instruments plus 9 drum kits with the software synthesizer; when an external synthesizer is used, easy beat can use ALL its instruments
  • multiple views (score, drum, keyboard, TAB, chords, controllers)
  • import and export of standard MIDI files
  • export of QuickTime movies and AIFF files
  • background music (play a song while you edit it or work with other programs)
  • single-track real-time recording (requires a MIDI adapter and a MIDI instrument)
  • stylistic variations (shuffle, emphasis, arpeggio, delay, ...)
  • high-quality score printing
  • templates for frequently used note and controller fragments

You can find more information about the latest Easy Beat release at the ergonis software Web site. Easy Beat 2.0 is available for US$89.00.