Edgar Online Posts Year-To-Date Apple Financials, AAPL Opens Higher

Edgar Online, the financial reporting site, has posted Appleis year-to-date financials. This information is not new, per se, but is presented in a very easy-to-understand layout, with all the pertinent information at oneis fingertips.

Of particular note is the reminder that Apple has been profitable for each of the last 4 quarters, something that only Dell can claim amongst Appleis Wintel competitors. Dellis profit far exceeds Appleis, but Appleis stock has still been punished by Wall Street, despite their consistently profitable state. The company has recently said that it expects to break even in the current quarter.

Appleis stock is currently trading higher at 15.25, a gain of 0.08 (+0.53%) on moderate volume. Other tech stocks are also trading higher. The rally is so far being attributed to the fact that all of the CEOs due to certify their companyis financial statements have done so on time. From a CBS Marketwatch report:

"The market may have been heartened by the lack of last-minute CEO certification snafus," maintained the S&P Investment Policy Committee in its weekly research note.

You can find Edgar Onlineis numbers for Apple at Yahoo!is Web site.

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