Edit HTML The Old Fashion Way

Stone Table Software has released a new text-based HTML editor, Cobweb. Cobweb is not a visual editor, but rather allows users precise control over HTML code layout. Designed to work side-by-side with Stone Tableis Z-Write, Cobweb is a simple HTML editing solution. According to Stone Table Software:

Stone Table Software announces the freeware release of Cobweb 1.0, a new HTML editor.

Cobweb is a non-WYSIWYG HTML text editor. It is designed to work as a companion to Z-Write, Stone Table Softwareis revolutionary non-linear word processor, but may be used by anyone needing a simple HTML editor.Cobweb includes special features for editing Z-Write 1.2 HTML Template files, which allow the user to customize Z-Writeis HTML output. Z-Write 1.2 will be released in March.

Cobwebis key features include:

  • Simple, elegant design
  • Smart toolbar: inserts HTML tags in context
  • Syntax coloring
  • Support for most basic HTML commands
  • Supports fontsets, for use with the FONT tag
  • Support for 216-color web palette, tables, and images
  • Multiple undos
  • Free

Cobweb is available for free. You can find more information at the Stone Table Software Web site.