Educational Reading Tool Updated

Inspired Logic has updated their learn-to-read program, C.D. Caterpillar, to Version 9.0. The program allows a progressive, fun, game-like atmosphere for helping youngsters improve their reading skills. According to Inspired Logic:

Inspired Logic, LLC has released C.D. Caterpillar Version 9.0, a Macintosh only program designed to help beginning readers strengthen their reading skills quickly, in a fun and non-threatening way. The software is based on the theory of Cognitive Experiential Learning, which means, simply, learning by doing. Toward that end, every aspect of C.D. Caterpillar is designed to focus the student on actual reading.

The stories featured in Version 9.0 include the entire text of The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame. Also included in Version 9.0 are Old King Cole, The Queen of Hearts, Aesops Fables, My Kingdom and other short stories.

Any level of reader can get started with C.D. Caterpillar. The controls are simple, and everything is explained verbally; no initial reading ability is assumed. Immediate, direct assistance is always available just by clicking on the problem word. When the word is clicked, it is pronounced for the reader. C.D. Caterpillar keeps track of the problem words, reinforcing them later in highly focused games.

C.D. Caterpillar is available for US$16, with special educational and classroom pricing available. You can find more information at the Inspired Logic web site.