Educators: Apple Lays Out Plans For NECC

Apple has laid out its plans for the upcoming National Educational Computing Conference (NECC). The event will be held from June 29th to July 2nd, at the Washington State Convention & Trade Center, in Seattle Washington. Appleis education Web site has set up a dedicated NECC page, including details of the companyis participation in the conference. Included are a four hour iBook Loaner Program, an iPod giveaway, a "Delivering Measurable Achievement " presentation by John Couch, Vice President of Apple Education, and more. From Appleis site:

Join us at NECC to find out how effective integration of Apple technology into curriculum:

  • Promotes mastery of basic skills
  • Engages and motivates students
  • Provides an environment that fosters higher order skills, such as problem solving and collaboration.

At NECC 2003, let us show you how Apple can help your school capture the imagination of the 21st Century learner.

Receive free copies of iLife, Keynote, and the iLife Lesson Plan booklet when you participate in our Peer-to-Peer Theater & Hands-on Encounters.

Explore and Test Drive
Join us in the Apple Peer-to-Peer Theater and hear from Apple Distinguished Educators. Hear first-hand how they use Apple technology to engage kids and raise student achievement. Sit in the Hands-on Encounters area of the booth and experience first-hand how you can use the Mac, PH sensors, temperature sensors, and a microscope to teach science concepts. Or, test drive iLife applications — iMovie and iPhoto . Edit a video, make a photo book, and learn how iLife can be brought effortlessly into the classroom.

NECC Xploration
Be one of the first 500 attendees to get your “Passport” stamped by ten developers at their booths and receive a free AppleT-shirt! Get your Passport at the Apple booth #2800.

Be a Winner
Enter to win an Apple iPod , the pocket-size digital audio player that letis you take music and other files wherever you go.* Every day during NECC there will be a drawing at the Apple booth for a 10GB iPod.

Go Wireless
Want to test drive an iBook? Take advantage of the iBook Loaner Program and check out an iBook for four hours. You can reserve your iBook in Ballroom 6C on the 6th floor. Or, use one of the wireless iBooks at the Apple-sponsored e-mail stations. Plus you can use the AirPort -powered wireless network at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center and the Sheraton Seattle Hotel and Towers.

You can get more information on Appleis involvement with the NECC at the companyis Web site. You can find more information on the NECC itself at the conferenceis Web site.

We also noted that while Apple has big plans for the NECC, the conference is sponsored by Gateway (and NASA) as Tier One Sponsors. Adobe, AOL, and IBM are listed as Tier 3 sponsors.

Thanks to Observer Larson Coleman for the heads up on the announcement at Appleis Web site.