Electric Rain & Strata Do Flash In 3D

Electric Rain and Strata have inked a licensing deal regarding 3D technology. The long and the short of it is that Strata 3Dpro users will be able to output their animations in the Flash format. According to the companies:

Today Electric Rain, Inc. announced the signing of an agreement to license their proprietary RAViX II vector rendering technology to Strata, makers of Strata 3Dpro, the popular modeling and animation software application. RAViX II will provide a future release of Strata 3Dpro with the power to export to Macromedia Flash, Adobe Illustrator, EPS, and the latest XML-based vector format, SVG.

Working as a Strata 3Dpro Power Module, RAViX II will render Strata 3Dpro scenes with complete accuracy, while staying true to colors, lighting, camera views and animations. RAViX II will provide Strata 3Dpro users with an extensive array of vector output options including 3 levels of outlines, 5 levels of cartoon shading, 2 levels of gradient shading, shadows and specular highlights. RAViX II is able to handle models containing well over 200 000 polygons and the resulting files are fully optimized.

The agreement with Strata marks the first time that the RAViX II technology has been integrated into a 3rd party application via a licensing contract. Through this agreement, Electric Rainis brands and technology will be promoted to the rapidly growing community of Strata 3D software applications around the world, paving the way for similar licensing deals in the future.

You can find more information on Strata 3Dpro at Stratais Web site. You can find more information on RAViX II at Electric Rainis Web site.