Electrifying Partnerships In Media Design?

Electrifier Inc. has announced the launch of the Electrifier Design Partner Program. The program lets design agencies and other skilled Flash and rich media designers share in the business opportunities, revenues, and publicity generated by the worldwide use of Electrifieris proprietary media system. According to Electrifier:

The Electrifier system enables businesses to produce and deliver rich media content quickly and cost-effectively, then analyze its performance via powerful metrics and reporting tools. Professionally designed Electrifier Themes - intelligent Flash and media templates for a range of business applications - are a key component of the system.

The Design Partner Program provides significant benefits for agencies and designers that develop Electrifier Themes. Electrifier Design Partners receive promotional and co-marketing opportunities, client referrals for custom Flash and media development, and the opportunity to share in ongoing, residual income generated by the use of the Themes they design.

MK-Ultra, a San Francisco-based full-service new media agency has signed on to be a charter member of the Electrifier Design Partner Program. MK-Ultrais clients include Oracle, NBCi, Apple, Intel, Time Warner, Sun Microsystems, @Home> Networks, Chevrolet, AirTouch, Wells Fargo, and Prudential.

Another charter member of the Electrifier Design Partner Program is San Francisco-based professional services firm, Brilliant Media, whose clients include US West, Hearst New Media, Cablevision, IBM, Intertainer, Disney, Warner Bros., DARPA, and Deloitte & Touche.

You can find more information about the Design Partner Program at Electrifieris site.