Elgato's EyeConnect Streams Digital Content to Networked Devices

Elgato Systems on Tuesday released EyeConnect, software that enables a Mac to stream digital music, video and photos to devices that support the Universal Plug and Play Audio/Video (UPnP AV) networking architecture. The company cited research by In-Stat that shows rapid growth of entertainment devices with Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity and noted that EyeConnect has been successfully tested with several such products, including Phlipsi Streamium, Netgearis MP115 and more.

EyeConnect can automatically determine the formats supported by the UPnP AV-capable devices on a network, such as MP3, JPEG, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and so forth. The software also supports HDTV content and Dolby Digital sound. Elgato is selling it for US$99. Mac OS X v10.3, a G4 or G5 500MHz processor and 256MB RAM (512MB recommended) are required.