Elite Computers To Reopen Three ComputerWare Locations

Elite Computers &Software announced last week that it had acquired the ComputerWare name. ComputerWare was one of the Bay Areais largest Mac retailers until it closed earlier this year. Elite Computers, an Apple Specialist based in Cupertino, bought the name and apparently picked up some leases in the process. The company has announced it would be reopening three of ComputerWareis locations, and has also announced a grand re-opening for September 15th. From Elite Computers:

Elite Computers & Software announced today that it would open three new locations, to be operated using the name "ComputerWare, by Elite Computers & Software."  Elite Computers & Software also unveiled a new logo for the stores, which merges the traditional ComputerWare logo with the Elite Computers & Software name.

The first new store will be opening in San Rafael, California at 1031 "C" Street, the same spot formerly occupied by the old ComputerWare.  The two additional stores will be located in Capitola and Sunnyvale, also in the former ComputerWare locations.

The companyis grand opening announcement:

Elite Computers & Software announced today a "Grand Opening Party" for itis new ComputerWare location in San Rafael. The event will be held this Saturday, September 15th and will feature product demonstrations from several vendors, including Apple, as well as hourly prize drawings for a variety of Macintosh products.

An Apple expert will be on hand from 11:00am to 2:30pm to show off Mac OS X version 10.1, the latest version of Appleis new modern operating system.  "We are thrilled to have an Apple expert at our grand opening to demonstrate the new version of Mac OS X," said Thomas Armes, President & CEO of Elite Computers & Software.  "Great anticipation is building for the final release of the 10.1 upgrade, which should be out later this month."

ComputerWare by Elite Computers & Software, is located at 1031 "C" Street in San Rafael, and will be open from 10am until 7pm for the Grand Opening Party.

Elite Computers & Softwareis Web site has been down since the company announced it had bought the ComputerWare name.